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Minutes of the 43rd Annual General Meeting

held at the House of Lords in London on Monday 8 May 2006


Apologies were noted. Proxy votes were recorded.

1. Welcome by the President
Our President, Richard Willis, welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked Lord Foster of Bishop Auckland for sponsoring the meeting and arranging the prestigious venue.

2. Minutes of 42nd Annual General Meeting

3. Matters arising
Covered by agenda.

4. Proposed Amendment to Constitution
Notification had been sent to all members proposing that the following position be added as an Honorary Officer of the Institute:-

Honorary Newsletter Editor may serve in this office for five years.

The proposal was agreed.

5. Report of the Council of the Institute for 2005-2006
The Annual Report for 2005-2006 was distributed at the meeting. The report would be sent to all members with the next issue of the International Journal of Health Promotion and Education.

6. Financial Report and the Accounts of the Institute for 2005
The accounts had previously been distributed to members.

7. Appointment of Independent Examiner of Accounts
It was agreed that Milner Boardman Ltd continue for the next 12 months.

8. Report of the Secretary
The Secretary reported a busy year for the Institute as the Government had released a number of documents of relevance to Health Promotion. Comments on these documents were collated and sent to the appropriate Departments. The Council has continued to focus on telephone conferences as a way of cutting the costs of conducting Council business.

The Council has also decided to market the Institute and to that end a conference is being planned for 2007.

Helen Draper and Pat Davies have continued in their sterling work in keeping membership lists up to date and collecting subscriptions. The Institute office has had a busy year but is looking forward to being involved with initiatives to attract new members.

Health promotion, particularly in terms of smoking bans, is right in the centre of public health policy and the Institute has added its support to politicians supporting the healthy living agenda.

9. Report of the Editor of the Journal
The Editor reported that articles had been identified for the next three issues of the International Journal. He stated that the Editorial Team is prepared to assist authors from overseas in preparing papers. Overall, the journal has an approximate 20% rejection rate.

The first issue of 2006 was a special issue on Death and Bereavement Across Cultures and was edited by Dr Roy Moodley and Dr Corey Mackenzie from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, Canada.

10. Appointment of Tellers

11. Election of Officers (nominations in accordance with the Constitution)
Officers of the Institute for 2006/07
President R J B Willis, MA, MSc, FRSH, FRIPHH, AITV, FIHPE
President Elect J Green, PhD, MSc, MB, BS, MIHPE
Honorary Vice Presidents A C Butterworth, CBE, MSc, PhD, RMN, RGN, RNT, DN, FRCN, FRS, FMA
S J Palmer, PhD, CPsychol, CBiol, MIBiol, FRSH, FRIPH, FISMA, FRSA, Hon FIHPE
C D Spielberger, BS, MA, PhD, ABPP
Honorary Secretary A S Blinkhorn OBE, BDS, MSc, PhD, FDS, FPHM, Hon FIHPE
Honorary Treasurer P Ruddell, BA, MRSH, MISMA, MIHPE
Honorary Editor of the S J Palmer, PhD, CPsychol, CBiol, MIBiol, FRSH, FRIPH, Journal FISMA, FRSA, Hon FIHPE
News and Features Editor J Liston-Smith, MA(Oxon), MSc, MISMA, MIHPE
Honorary News Editor A Woodcock, Dip DS, Cert Ed, Dip Health Ed, MEd, MSc,
(In house) MIHPE

Members of the Council for 2006/07
D Attwood, BDS, MPH, PhD, MIHPE
C Choudhury BDS, DND, PhD(Japan), FFD RCS (Ire),
K Lewis BCApSc, R Nutr, MBA, MSc, PGCert, MCM,

12. Awards
The International Journal of Health Promotion and Education Best Paper for 2005 has been awarded to Jenny Moffatt of the Cancer Prevention Research Centre, School of Population Health, and Warren Stanton, Associate Professor, School of Health and Rehabilitation Science, University of Queensland, Australia for their paper entitled ‘Smoking and parenting among males in low socio-economic occupations’ (Volume 43: Number 3 2005: 81-86).

Dr Pittu Laungani has been awarded Honorary Fellowship of the Institute due to his outstanding contribution to the theory and practice of health promotion and education.

13. Any other business

14. Date of next meeting
Details to be announced in the International Journal and on the Institute website.

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